Hotel Sales & Marketing

Custom marketing strategies at the property level.

Even the most beautiful, well-run hotels need a strong marketing presence and a top-notch sales team to succeed. But these factors are often overlooked or understaffed.

We’ll build an effective, comprehensive marketing plan specifically for your property, and increasing your top-line revenue.

Here’s just some of what our sales and marketing team does for our properties:

  • Analyze your hotel’s success factors and help execute a targeted sales plan
  • Provide an annual marketing plan outline, and conduct necessary reviews and follow-up
  • Provide qualified sales leads
  • Make personal sales calls on your property’s behalf
  • Perform audits to make sure your sales team is selling correctly
  • Monitor weekly and monthly sales reports for success opportunities
  • Monitor your group sales pace
  • Assist in market segment saturation
  • Help your staff strategize and adjust to overcome soft revenue periods
  • Ensure that your property is listed in the appropriate regional, state, and local publications (e.g., AAA TourBook, NBTA directory, etc.)
  • Aid in the design and placement of advertising, including outdoor, airport, and printed publications
  • Represent all properties at the National Business Travelers Association tradeshow
  • Represent all properties at all annual NTA (National Tour Association) and ABA (American Bus Association) marketplace appointment exchanges
  • Administer the STAR frequent traveler program


Our sales and marketing teams are well trained and eager to go to work for your property. Give us a call today at (605) 334-2371 or contact us online today.

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